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Full Version: RLT8169 device not always detect by ipxe
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I have one troubleshot with detection of the network device of my thinclients.
After some reboot of my Thinclient, the ixpe lkrn boot and try to initializing network device. Unfortunately, the ipxe stop here. It doesn’t catch my tftp server to take linux init.
If I try to reboot, or halt and start, the thinclient after this the troubelshot persist.
The only solution for retrieve a stable state is to unplug AC/DC of thinclient some seconds.
I’m using iPXE ipxe_1.0.0+git-20131111.c3d1e78 but I found also the troubleshot with September 2014 version
The network device is an Realtek RTL8169
I try to use this version compile with DEBUG=realtek option and I have this message when the problem appear.

iPXE initializing devices… REALTEK 0xa3d84 appears to be an RTL8169
REALTEK 0xa3d84 EEPROM is a 93c46
REALTEK 0xa3d84 EEPROM ID incorrect (0xffff);assuming no EEPROM
REALTEK 0xa3d84 EEPROM timed out waiting for MII read
REALTEK 0xa3d84 EEPROM could not reset MII : Connection time out (http://ipxe.org/4c634035)

I'm dry

Thanks !
Seems like you're having init problems with that particular realtek NIC. I would recommend you get onto IRC and talk with one of the developers about it. This is most likely an init issue with this particular LoM.
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