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Full Version: Getting proxyDHCP info from PXE stack
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I'm currently using pxelinux.0 with dnsmasq/proxyDHCP and I'm looking to replace it with undionly.kpxe.

Specifically, I'm looking to reuse the DHCP packet(s) that the PXE stack has in order to avoid issuing a second DHCP request.

Note that I had to use undionly.kkpxe for this, ipxe.pxe and undionly.kpxe didn't contain the DHCP packet in my case. Is that by design?

But even undionly.kkpxe didn't contain the proxyDHCP packet, it only had the info that the main DHCP server sent to the PXE stack.

I believe that the proxyDHCP packet should also be available, for example in pxelinux.0 I can use "IPAPPEND 3" to get the proxyDHCP server IP instead of the main DHCP server IP.

Is there any way to get the IP of the proxyDHCP server other than doing a second DHCP request? Thanks!
You don't need to use .kkpxe to get that behavior, you can use undionly.kpxe or ipxe.pxe depending on whether you want firmware-provided or native drivers. What you rename the binary to after doesn't matter. Use whatever fits your system. Regardless, you'll need an embedded script to achieve what you want. Here is an example:

chain http://myserver/mybootscript.ipxe
As we found out with robinsmidsrod in IRC, the problem with .kkpxe was the old iPXE version that comes with Ubuntu 12.04. With the upstream iPXE version the .kpxe variant worked fine too. Thank you Robin! Smile

My feature request about reading the proxyDHCP packet from the PXE stack still stands though, I'll bring it up to the mailing list.
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