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Full Version: iPxe with config file
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I read about the custom scripts, but is there a way i can have a config file/custom script which can be changed later without rebuilding/recompiling the code ?

For example, below is my custom script:
chain http://blahblah.bla/BootServer/boot.cfg

Now in future, if i change my tftp server from blahblah to xyz, so in this case do i still need to rebuild the code with a new script or a simple config change would work ?

Thanks in advance
If you build your embedded script pointing to a hostname in the URL it should be fairly simple to ensure all locations resolve this hostname using a DNS A/CNAME record. If you're not able to control the DNS resolution in the network then you need to rebuild whenever you change the IP/hostname. You can use a short hostname, it doesn't need to be a FQDN if your DHCP server replies with proper DNS search lists.
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