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Full Version: TFTP Access Denied
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I am trying to perform a Legacy PXE Boot of iPXE undionly.kpxe from a Windows 2012 Server running WDS. I have TFTP Enabled and accepting connections for all clients. Every time my client performs a PXE request it gets a DHCP reply to boot undionly.kpxe. Then it performs a TFTP Read of undionly.kpxe but the server sends back TFTP: Access Illegal Operation. Access Denied. If I stop WDS and run TFPTD32.EXE the transfer happens successfully but I need to use WDS because I want to use PXE chaining to boot a Windows 7 boot installation media after from WDS. I looked at everything on the WDS Server and cant find out why I am getting Access Denied. Is it possible to TFTP Boot undionly.kpxe from a Windows 2012 Server running DHCP Role and WDS Role?

Standard WDS configuration only allows access too \Boot\x64 but tftp normally uses forward slashes.

Please try the information at http://ipxe.org/appnote/chainload_wds#co...tp_service and post back if it solves the issue or not.
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