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Full Version: The problem with operation of IMA of images of HDD is more than 2GB
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Im create HDD image from physical hdd 3,5 GB.
On this hdd one boot partition 3.5GB, FAT32 and installing DOS(from win98).
On this partition there is a lot of different files, the total size of all files is more than 2 GB.

Im Boot from an HTTP target:
Perfectly booting DOS, everything works, very thanks to the author of ipxe Wink

Files which are located on a disk less than 2GB physical hdd addres(lba) - read perfectly.
But there is one problem:
The file which data are above to boundary of address space of HDD more 2GB, reads not correctly.
I have an assumption that somewhere in the IPXE program - addressing restriction is put (2GB maximum).

Please check the IPXE program and correct an error.
If additional clarification is necessary, I am ready to a discussion.

Most DOS software are not able to address above 2GB because of the 32-bit boundary and some FAT limits (I can't recall the exact details). You most likely need to mount multiple disks to make it work or use iSCSI/AoE instead of HTTP sanboot.
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