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Full Version: windows 8 doesn't boot from undionly.kkpxe
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Hi all.

I use undionly.kkpxe to chainload scripts and sanboot from iscsi.
kkpxe is much faster when "initialising devices", so there's no problem until i tried to boot windows 8 with it.

When i boot from Win8 with kkpxe, it reboots repeatedly.
I could boot windows 8 with undionly.kpxe but it has a delay with initialising.

So why can't i boot with kkpxe?


is there any solution to reduce delay with kpxe?

Thank you.
Hi all.

I used undionly.kkpxe to boot windows 7 via iscsi.
Reason that i used kkpxe is short time to initialise.
kpxe took longer than kkpxe. i didn't know why.
but it was good enough. recently i have been trying to boot windows 8 with kkpxe. but i never succeed. it reboots repeatedly.

1. Can i use kpxe without delay like kkpxe?(delay means taking few seconds when ipxe show 'initialising devices')

2. Can i boot windows 8 with kkpxe?

thank you.
The undionly.kkpxe is a special version of the undionly.kpxe loader for buggy bioses. You should never use it unless you're having specific issues with your hardware. The fact that it is faster is just a side-effect. I would recommend you activate the ipxe "noproxydhcp" feature to save some time if you're not using a ProxyDHCP server (will only save you 2 seconds). How much of a time difference is there between the two alternatives?
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