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Full Version: Intel I219LM LAN chipset iPXE cannot find LAN card
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Dear All,
we found an issue with Intel 219-LM lan chipset, when it boot to legacy model with undionly.kpxe it will show bellow error message, but it can boot UEFI model with snponly.efi. who can help me for this issue?

TFTP Download:boot\undionly.kpxe
PXE->EB:!PXE at 961B:0070,entry point at 961B:0106
UNDI code segment 961B:5F90, data segment 8FF6:6250 (575-625kB)
UNDI device is PCI 00:1F.6,type DIX+802.3
575kB free base memory after PXE unload
iPXE initialising devices...OK
iPXE 1.0.0 + --open source network...........
Features: HTTP iSCSI DNS TFTP..........
No more network devices
selected boot deivce failed. press any key to reboot the system

Bellow is LAN card ID:
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_156F&SUBSYS_06DD1028&REV_10\3&11583659&0&FE: Intel® Ethernet Connection I219-LM
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15B7&SUBSYS_06D91028&REV_20\3&11583659&0&FE: Intel® Ethernet Connection (2) I219-LM
By the way, when we enter "Ctl+B", run config, all item, include busid,busloc,bustype,chip,mac,etc all show me "not specified"
Try to add the INTEL_NO_PHY_RST flag to the PCI_ROM() line in intel.c for your model and see if it works as expected. If it does, then send a patch with the details to the mailing-list to have it permanently fixed.

Please run the http://ipxe.org/dev/driver test suite to make sure it works properly in all use-cases.
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