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Full Version: Setting goto with whitespace?
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I'm trying to configure iPXE to do certain things when it detects a certain model device. For this purpose i'm using the ${product} variable.

For example, I'd implement something like:

Quote:goto ${product} || goto continue

:Lenovo T400S
goto continue


For this example if I PXEboot a T400, iPXE would read the ${product} variable and then goes to the label for the T400. If I PXEboot anything else it would just goto the continue label instead.

The problem is that I don't think that the label accepts whitespaces. I've tried implementing this instead:

Quote:set t400 Lenovo T400s
goto ${product} || goto continue

goto continue


Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work either.

Does anyone have any hints as to what I'm currently doing wrong here?
goto only takes one argument, since you have a space it becomes 2.

Maybe you can use goto ${product:uristring} instead. (and then use %20 in the label line)
And as an last restort you can use ${product:hexraw} instead.

But reading the sources, Only space should be an separator in the label so uristring hack should work.

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