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Full Version: iPXE iSCSI boot problems with Intel x520
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I am having trouble ipxe booting with Intel x520 (flashed for PXE boot).

The initial DHCP works and the NIC downloads pxelinux.cfg/default:

INITRD win8.ipxe

When this script is being run the first command is:

which fails with a message that both interfaces net0 and net1 are "Down". At this point the leds on the NIC are dark. If I Ctrl-B into the command line, same problem and nothing I do lights up the leds, even if I'm on IPXE command line and wait awhile (spanning-tree is disabled on my switch). Unsure what to do?
Try to build with DEBUG=intel,intelx and see what kind of errors you're getting. Please post a screenshot with error details. Make sure the text is readable. Also you should go through the http://ipxe.org/dev/driver test suite and report back with a table of pass/fail remarks.
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