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Full Version: iPXE support for SUSE OS
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Hi There,

I have setup a iPXE server in which I am planning to install all linux flavors. I have automated the installation process using kickstart files for linux. When it comes to SUSE i am not able to find out how to provide the kickstart file.

I have tried the below formats ipxe script.

chain initrd=initrd ks= network ksdevice=${netX/mac}

However it is not detecting the kickstart file. I have tried replacing the ks with autoyast but no luck. Please let me know if anyone having the working syntax for providing kickstart in through iPXE script.

Thank you,
You chain arguments look correct. This should work. If it does not, I think you need to review what kernel cmdline parameters your SUSE install initrd supports. Check their documentation. At best you can dump to a shell during install and type "cat /proc/cmdline" to ensure your ipxe script expanded your variables in the way you expected. You might need ${netX/mac:hexhyp} depending on how the ksdevice= entry expects the MAC to be formatted.
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