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Full Version: iPXE EFI booting ISOs
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Any way I can boot ISOs in an EFI firmware. I wanted to boot dban and/or memtest.
(2016-03-10 02:05)power270 Wrote: [ -> ]Any way I can boot ISOs in an EFI firmware. I wanted to boot dban and/or memtest.

Sure... There are numerous examples on how to boot an ISO from iPXE. Start looking for
chain memdisk iso...
Or you can extract the ISO and boot the kernel/initrd directly. As well a lot of examples available.

The more interesting question: Is iPXE working on your EFI firmware device? iPXE does actually run on a lot of new UEFI machines that I've tried. Even tablets and such. Just give it a try!
I'm booting iso's in BIOS iPXE using chaining with no issues, but its not working in EFI mode. iPXE loads my menu, but errors on memdisk.

Could not boot: Exec format error http://ipxe.org/2e008081

initrd /boot/iso/memtest.iso
chain /boot/x64/memdisk iso raw
boot || goto failed
Image booting uses INT13 which is BIOS only.
EFI have other mechanisms, however that is not implemented yet in ipxe.

First of you should as much as possible extract kernels etc instead of loading isos, for memtest, there is even memtest.0 which is a NBP and can return to ipxe when done instead of rebooting.

but memtest is legacy only and can never run in a efi environment.

dban can run the kernel directly, _if_ it is compiled with EFI_STUB enabled.

Update: http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid...4#pid13194
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