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Full Version: Failed to boot winpe by ipxe: Enter bootmgr.exe with parameters at 0x2a390
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I am sure that is the fault of the .wim file itself, because the same hardware boot perfectly fine from other .wim(s)

Just wonder what could be the cause of it.

This particular wim is created by WinPE SE 10

[Image: nvtkd4.jpg]

No error is show in the image, so I'm assuming it just hangs, you could try to add the gui parameter to wimboot (or remove it if you already are using it) and see if that gives you something different, also you might want to test with adding the pause parameter, just to get a little bit more information about where it hangs.
gui or no gui, it stays at the very same place
Nobody any other idea?
(2016-04-01 20:28)sebus Wrote: [ -> ]Nobody any other idea?

Did you test with pause? but my guess it is bootmgr that fails.

try copying the wim to boot.wim on a usb stick, together with the boot files needed, more or less creating a windows install usb, but using your boot.wim instead. (just to find if ipxe/wimboot have anything to do with the issue)
I agree with NiKiZe make sure the files are good, and then try it again with bare bones, the BCD the .sdi and the .wim. I have successfully booted Win RE images this way, without a bootmgr.exe
this may sound sorta dumb, but whats the .exe for?
But that will prove nothing.

Such bootable USB boots just fine. If it boots from iso (and iso to usb) then there is no issue with wim itself

Yet it does not boot via wimboot
Try using an old version of wimboot 1.0.6.
Would that mean that there is a bug in new version(s)?

1.06 from https://git.ipxe.org/release/wimboot/

is initially worse, as it shows no bootmgr.exe found (as it can not extract it from wim due to different compression)

So in .ipxe one must have

initrd bootmgr.exe bootmgr.exe

like per http://blog.devicenull.org/2013/11/14/ip...012r2.html

That way all works again
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