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Full Version: problem with boot.ipxe
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I try to use the iPXE, with the ISO.
I prepared my IIS folder with all the necessary.
When I try to boot with the file boot.ipxe, the process will hang...
Trying to rename with .php extension...

Script :


kernel http://gss/win7/wimboot
initrd http://gss/win7/boot/bcd BCD
initrd http://gss/win7/boot/boot.sdi boot.sdi
initrd http://gss/win7/sources/boot.wim boot.wim

But if I type each line in the prompt, the wim boots properly...

If you can help me.

Thanks a lot.
See Attachment below


A readable screenshot might help a lot in figuring out what's going on. Also add the "pause" argument after wimboot so that it shows details before it boots which you can take a picture of.
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