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Full Version: How to set the DHCPv6 in win2012r2 to boot ipxe.efi
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As title, I would like to use the IPv6 iPXE.

1. 2012R2 , WDS, DHCPv4 + V6
2. Boot to ipxe.efi with DHCPv4 UEFI is successful.(set DHCP option 67 = boot\x64\ipxe.efi)

My question is ----
How can I use the DHCP IPv6 service under 2012r2 to "set the boot file" as same as IPv4?
To get iPXE to boot via IPv6 you need a service like radvd (Router Advertisement Daemon, SLAAC I believe it is called) to advertise a router and tell the client that it is supposed to use a DHCPv6 server for more network options (like boot server and file). I'm not sure which service on Windows Server that provides this. Once you've got that operational I think you're DHCPv6 server should work as expected. I'm not sure which DHCPv6 option defines the boot file, but looking at the DHCPv6 wikipedia page or similar should probably tell you some details or point you in the right direction.
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