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Full Version: iPXE Lenovo Thincentre stick 300
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I build ipxe.efi (and rename to BootIA32.efi)

make bin-i386-efi/ipxe.efi EMBED=~/my_script_sccm.ipxe

as per http://doc.rogerwhittaker.org.uk/ipxe-in...n-and-EFI/



It all works, till I actually try to boot, and get error EFI USB device Boot Failed

It does not even start booting...

I am trying to use it with (via hub)

ASIX AX88178 USB to Ethernet - like http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=6151&page=3


Any ideas what could be?


I even re-created the image with https://rom-o-matic.eu/ (using same 276d, as master did fail with error:

"make" unexpectedly returned exit value 2 at /var/www/ipxe-buildweb/build.fcgi line 630 )

Same problem with booting
Hi Sebus, just read through your post and I'm pretty sure we're having the same booting problem. Have you found out the problem and how to fix so it boots properly?
There has been quite a lot of USB-related improvements in the last year, so I would recommend you try again with the latest build. ASIX USB chipsets should be supported now.
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