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Full Version: Wimboot issue Wyse Terminal 5020
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Hey Guys

So I have a couple Wyse Terminals, model 5020, that I have in my office. I was play around with them booting iPXE and seeing if I could get a Windows install to load. I setup a simple menu which the following option:

clear net0/ip
set net0/ip [clientip]
chain http://[serverip]/clone.php?mac=${net0/mac:hexhyp}&serverip=[serverip] || exit

clear net0/ip
set net0/ip [clientip]
chain http://[serverip]/clone.php?mac=${net0/mac:hexhyp}&serverip=
kernel http://[serverip]/live/wimboot
initrd http://[serverip]/live/win81/bcd BCD
initrd http://[serverip]/live/win81/boot.sdi boot.sdi
initrd http://[serverip]/live/win81/boot.wim boot.wim

If we select the CDROM option, the machine reboots and the boot process starts over. If we select the Install Windows 8x option WIMBOOT goes to a black screen and I get:

Using bootmgr.exe va 0x2b9c8 len 0x9cb58
...extracted bootmgr.ext
Emlating drive 0x01

and if we just boot to a normal DVD Drive, they work fine and load the installer. We're currently using the UNDIONLY bin format. Has anyone seen this or been able to get the Wyse Terminals to work?
Please simplify your problem description, correct the transcription errors, and add the missing information.

For example: we have no idea what your "clone.php" script might be returning. We have no idea how you obtained (or generated) your boot.wim and other files. We have no idea which version of iPXE or wimboot you are using.

Please give enough information to allow someone else to reproduce the problem.

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