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Full Version: Windows ipxe installation stuck at logo
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Hello! I am trying to set-up an ipxe server for Windows installation. I followed these instructions, but after the pc downloads the boot.wim it gets stuck at the Windows logo screen. Ipxe also displays the following message: "Forcing text mode output" (right under the stuck Windows logo). I should mention that I am using an x64 UEFI machine.
Since you see the logo i guess you are using the gui parameter to wimboot?

Also you are using the latest master of ipxe and wimboot?

Can you post your script, and also information about your hardware such as the brand and model of the machine/motherboard.
Try this:
Add wimboot as initrd:
kernel ${boot-url}/syslinux/wimboot rawbcd index=1 gui
[color=#FF0000]initrd ${boot-url}/syslinux/wimboot[/color]
initrd -n BCD ${boot-url}/wp/bcd_uefi       BCD
initrd ${boot-url}/boot/boot.sdi    BOOT.SDI
initrd ${boot-url}/wp/10/bootmgr.efi    bootmgr.efi
initrd ${boot-url}/wp/10/bootx64.efi    bootx64.efi
initrd -n BOOT.WIM ${boot-url}/sources/dart100.wim BOOT.WIM

For me this help with similar problem.

do not add wimboot as an initrd, it does not make sense, and it can cause other issues.

also do not add bootx64.efi or bootmgr.efi. The correct file is automatically extracted from boot.wim by wimboot, so no need to add them separately.
Yes, this is premature post.
By coincidence after i set this my pe boot maybe ten times and its stuck again.
After set one cpu via bcd its boot one for three attempts (same on virtual and physical machine).

Sorry for my English.
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