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Full Version: Chainloading from ipxe to multiple pxeboot roms
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I've set up a server with pxelinux.0 as bootrom that is used to boot different linux distributions via pxe. However, there a several other distributions that require a hardcoded different pxe bootrom. Is it possible that I can pxe boot into ipxe and then chainload into other pxe bootroms?

So basically, I want to create a ipxe boot menu file that is sent to a client after a dhcp request which let's me choose from different pxe roms. Like pxelinux.0, grub.pxe or even pxeboot.n12 and so on...
Yes, iPXE by defaults supports booting pxe binaries, this is the default if no other way of booting the file is detected, this can be seen by doing imgfetch http://file followed by imgstat and it will show you detected type.

(just to be clear here, PXE NBPs is a legacy only thing, and it is not possible to support from EFI mode)

You can boot most things directly from ipxe, linux kernels, NBPs etc, and there is even wimboot for booting WinPE so most of the time there is no need to load other loaders, other then possible during migration to ipxe when you don't have time to migrate everything at once.
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