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Full Version: ESX 6.0 install - error loading /tboot.b00 fatal error 15
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I am a beginner to use iPXE. I am trying to install ESX-6.0 using iPXE.

This is my code.

echo Booting ESX 6.0 OS
kernel nfs:// -c nfs://

I am getting the issue as below. Attached the snapshot also.
Error loading tboot.b00
Fatatl Error: 15 (Not Found)

But, the file is there in the destined folder.
[root@iPXE ESX-6.0]# ll tboot.b00
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 44343 Feb 6 2015 tboot.b00
[root@iPXE ESX-6.0]#

Could anyone help me in this.

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