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Full Version: iPXE chainload to 'gpxelinux.0' freeze at '209:string' request
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I use iPXE with dynamic boot menu with a chainload to 'gpxelinux.0' menu entry to boot PXELINUX with HTTP boot menu.

After iPXE chainload, gpxelinux.0 freeze at request for '209:string' boot menu config file.

But backend web app not receive gpxelinux.0 request.

OS and package: CentOS7 x86_64 with syslinux-4.05-12.el7.x86_64

iPXE chainload to gPXE menu entry :

set 210:string http://${next-server}/pxe/
set 209:string http://${next-server}:5000/pxelinux/${net0/mac}
echo __INFO: chain ${210:string}gpxelinux.0
echo __INFO: ${209:string}
sleep 2
chain --replace --autofree ${210:string}gpxelinux.0 ||

chainload screenshot :

[Image: I2H7vsn.jpg]

gpxelinux.0 request for PXELINUX boot menu freezing screenshot :

[Image: 5Fg8iOe.jpg]

Thanks for your help.
well gPXE is old, the best suggestion is probably to use iPXE instead and the menu system available in iPXE.

but since you already have iPXE loaded why not just load pxelinux.0 directly if you must.
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