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Full Version: Fatal error when trying to build an iso on rom-o-matic.eu: No space left on device
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I'm trying to build an iso, but it seems to fail due to no hdd space on the drive where the actual build is made by the rom-o-matic.eu server.

Any idea when this will be fixed?

Build failed:

"git" unexpectedly returned exit value 128 at /var/www/ipxe-buildweb/build.fcgi line 189

Build log:
  BINARY = ipxe.iso
  BINDIR = bin
  EMBED.00script.ipxe = #!ipxe

chain http://dvt.mysite.com/api/ipxe/boot?mac=${net0/mac}

  REVISION = master
  general.h/POWEROFF_CMD: = 1
Binary: ipxe.iso
Binary directory: bin
Revision: master
Temporary embedded image directory: /var/tmp/ipxe-build/ipxe-embed-SWebIe
Embedded image: /var/tmp/ipxe-build/ipxe-embed-SWebIe/00script.ipxe

chain http://dvt.mysite.com/api/ipxe/boot?mac=${net0/mac}

Canonicalising revision master...
Canonical revision: 0be77e959e813773cac10f049cb62c83258f81ff
Creating temporary directories...
Temporary git directory: /var/tmp/ipxe-build/ipxe-build-qjE68P
Temporary working tree: /var/tmp/ipxe-build/ipxe-build-1RXz_U
Cloning git tree from /var/tmp/ipxe/.git...
Finding closest cached binaries for 0be77e959e813773cac10f049cb62c83258f81ff...
Found cached binaries in ipxe-build/cached/bin/0be77e959e813773cac10f049cb62c83258f81ff.gz at distance 0
Opening binary tarball /var/cache/ipxe-build/0be77e959e813773cac10f049cb62c83258f81ff-bin.tar.gz...
Opened binary tarball /var/cache/ipxe-build/0be77e959e813773cac10f049cb62c83258f81ff-bin.tar.gz...
Checking out revision 0be77e959e813773cac10f049cb62c83258f81ff...
fatal: cannot create directory at 'src/arch/x86/core/linux': No space left on device
"git" unexpectedly returned exit value 128 at /var/www/ipxe-buildweb/build.fcgi line 189
rom-o-matic.eu issues should be reported to rom-o-matic, can't find anything better then the github issues page.

If you want a pure iso, you can find it at http://boot.ipxe.org
Otherwise i recommend to get your own build environment, with Windows 10 it is even possible with the ubuntu bash shell.
Since this forum was referenced there, without any additional contact details, i assumed that it's all hosted/maintained by the same group.
Guess i was wrong Sad

Thanks for the reply!
I reported the out-of-space error yesterday via github: https://github.com/xbgmsharp/ipxe-buildweb/issues/40

It was fixed quickly, and it should be working for you now.
thanks for doing that, but their webapp is still not showing the build configuration options, NIC dropdown is empty and if i press Build it goes HTTP 500 Internal Server Error - this issue started a few hours after the server initially ran out of space Sad

EDIT: i created a github account and reported this new aspect myself Smile
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