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Full Version: Flash iPXE to PCI NIC SysKonnect SK-9521 V2.0
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I have Gigabit NIC SysKonnect SK-9521 V2.0 with SPI flash. I make dump 128KB flash with yukondg.exe DOS utility. Using this tool can also probably flash firmware - Load Boot Code from File:
[Image: 8851214.png]
Is this tool can safely flash iPXE? Will I be able to go back to the original firmware?
Don't think anyone knows, my guess is that the only way to find out is to test, unless you can find more information elsewhere online, maybe even contacting SysKonnect support could be an option?
OK, they managed to safely flash iPXE using YUKONDG.EXE Smile

You need to do:
  • on rom-o-matic.eu generate ROM iPXE PCI VENDOR CODE: 1148 PCI DEVICE CODE: 4320
  • enlarge the file 11484320.rom to 128KB fill values FF
  • make USB stick bootable GRUB4DOS with MS-DOS floppy image which contains MS-DOS USB drivers for write possible on USB stick
  • copy yukondg.exe utility and 11484320.rom to USB stick
  • boot PC from USB stick
  • run yukondg.exe
  • make backup current flash content to file e.g. backup.bin (128KB)
  • flash backup.bin to test if the flash is in fact a multiple programmable (it is not the OTP)
  • flash new firmware iPXE select file 11484320.rom
[Image: 8856381.gif]
[Image: 8867641.png]

Now boot from ROM iPXE works well. Smile
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