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iPXE very slow boot on any pci 32 cards - Carlos Alberto - 2018-02-18 16:31

Hello, sorry my bad english, i is newer in this fórum, i need help for solve an problem with iPXE rom, before i used gPXE rom, my computers with gigabit pci 32 card boots quickly, approx 15 seconds (normal boot), after use iPXE rom, my PCs boots on 1 minute or freeze on screen boot from drive 0x80 and my hard drive server not sync.

i have tested with pci-e cards with ipxe, my PC boots same my 32 gigabit pci cards using gPXE Rom, i have tested any cards diferente models pci 32, but no sucess with iPXE ROM.

Sorry if i have posted this topic in wrong place.

my script configurations used on gPXE and iPXE rom is same

Follow my script configuration


ifopen net0
set net0/ip
set net0/netmask
set net0/gateway
set keep-san 1
sanboot iscsi:

OBS. this configuration above is same on gPXE and iPXE
my board on i need configure boot lan, has no PCI-e slot

I can record the videos and post here in the forum for better understanding.