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Ipxe and System Rescue CD - Tony.J - 2018-05-03 13:42

I have a problem with my ipxe server.
I want to do an entry for system rescue CD, so i have download the iso from the website, i mount it for to take the files "rescue32" "rescue64" "initram.igz" in my tftp folder and "sysrcd.md5 and "sysrcd.dat" on my web server.

I do an entry on my menu ipxe (i replace my server ip by "IpServer") :
kernel /images/sysresccd/rescue64 dodhcp setkmap=fr scandelay=1 netboot=http://IpServer/sysrcd.dat
initrd /images/sysresccd/initram.igz
boot || goto failed

when i select this entry, kernel is download, initrd too but after i have problem :
[Image: ipxe_error.jpg]

It's like there is no network...
Could you help me to understand this problem?
Thanks alot

RE: Ipxe and System Rescue CD - NiKiZe - 2018-05-04 00:55

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Where did you get the information from about this being the proper way to boot systemrescuecd over network?
Your main issue is probably the use of incorrect kernel.

For a working iPXE script for systemrescuecd, see http://b800.org/sysr/sysrcd.ipxe it uses ipxe loaded squashfs for more stable boot.
This was also posted in the systemrescuecd forum: https://forums.system-rescue-cd.org/viewtopic.php?t=5922