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Two iPXE Servers in one Network - teddue - 2018-06-20 12:48


I have a synology NAS which is serving an iPXE menu

Is it possible to add a menu item which redirects a client to another iPXE Server — in this case a FOG server?

DHCP is offered by the NAS

I hope there is a way. Thanks in advance

RE: Two iPXE Servers in one Network - NiKiZe - 2018-06-21 18:30

There is no such thing as "iPXE server"
PXE consists of a few different technologies:
* DHCP server to provide IP and TFTP server address and filename
* TFTP server that is used to download the file provided by DHCP
* A file downloaded from TFTP
There is no "one solution works for everything" to redirect between different configurations here.

However Fog uses iPXE mostly, so as long as you can have a menu item that chains the FOG provided menu it should be doable.
From what I have seen FOG uses a modified version of iPXE so you might need to chain that first, and then do some special handling for it to use the wanted configuration/scripts