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iPXE over IPv6 implementation notes - peek - 2018-12-06 15:09

Trying to implement chainloading of iPXE over IPv6 as to eliminate TFTP and IPv4 for use on a fleet of NUC7CJYH's has been an horrifying experience. The solution is far from complete, yet I list some key aspects I wish I knew and hope others may elaborate or comment on in favour of newcomers:

1. Router Advertisement:

- "Managed" or "Assisted"
- "Stateless" ... tends to be iffy ...

2. IETF RFC 5970 - HTTP & TFTP URL DHCPv6 option 59:

- Forget it ! Hardware vendor's UEFI IPv6 implementations does NOT as yet support the HTTP protocol. (No http://)
- Only TFTP protocol is supported ( tftp:// )

3. IPv6 addresses

- iPXE does not like Link-Local addresses (fe80::1)
- IPv6 addresses HAS to be prefixed

4. pfsense ISC DHCP

- Simply does not present DHCPv6 options (ie boot-file url option 59) to PXE clients
- Implementing ISC DHCP or DNSMASQ on a VM, works

5. NUC freezes at "iPXE initialising devices..." when using:

- ipxe.efi
- realtek.efi

6. NUC "works" (intermittendly) with ...

- snponly.efi

7. Random issues to expect...

- Blackscreen after selecting IPv6 UEFI boot
- Acquires IPv6, yet doesn't acquire boot-file (via TFTP)
- Freezes at "iPXE initialising devices..."

The only reasonable resolution has been to EMBED the location of the "menu" (where file is located) whilst compiling ipxe.efi (133f) with only IPv6 support. Then having IPv4 & TFTP "serve" the ipxe.efi as a boot-file, which, on loading connects via IPv6 to the "menu" location.

It's smooth. It's reliable. It works.

IPv4 and TFTP unfortunately remains part of the solution .. for now...

RE: iPXE over IPv6 implementation notes - fezhou2 - 2019-01-10 20:17

Can anyone shed some light on the last issue:

Freezes at "iPXE initialising devices..."

I was able to get tftp to download the ipxe.efi image, but having trouble chainloading to boot linux. Got "Nothing to boot: no such file or directory (http://ipxe.org/2d03e18e) error.

Seems like it is not able to configure net0 device properly and reach to the ipxe script. Advice appreciated