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Uefi Shell CTRL_B not working. - rahuls551 - 2019-01-03 18:42

Hi Guys,

I am building a ipxe.efi and when i boot to shell and launch the ipxe.efi application i am not able to stop the boot using CTRL_B to enter the pxe shell. I was using qemu before and there the CTRL_B used to work but on the server i am currently using it doesnt work.

Any suggestions?

RE: Uefi Shell CTRL_B not working. - NiKiZe - 2019-01-03 22:33

This has been asked and answered a couple of times, Not able to find any of those posts right now even tho I know it has been answared.
Guess it's time for a FAQ update.

The fix is to press ESC, B instead of CTRL-B if you have a "broken" EFI firmware

Some EFI Firmware creators handle keyboard events differently from what iPXE was developed against and tested on.
The esc key was added as a workaround: https://git.ipxe.org/ipxe.git/commitdiff/8dd39b95723af0aac20d16316d16f306d8394af2
Before http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=13276 was known - and it has not been a priority to fix