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Configure iPXE - Niranjanreddy - 2019-01-31 21:54

Hello Everyone,

I am new to iPXE but am familiar with legacy pxe boot, i have centos 7.4 tftp/dhcp pxeboot working well for kickstart, also have menu list to choose the multiple flavours.

Now we are planning to implement ipxe i gone through ipxe.org, but still have some queries and not sure where to begin, i am okay to use the existing tftp/dhcp for the iPXE.

In ipxe.iso i dont see vmlinuz and initrd.img are these files required or not.
if there any docs to configure from scratch, please let me know.

Thanks In advance

RE: Configure iPXE - Niranjanreddy - 2019-02-02 13:11

I could able to configure ipxe and able to install centos, will post more updates..