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Wlan boot - svan - 2019-10-21 09:11


i am trying to network boot over WLAN with an IntelĀ® Wireless-AC 9560 adapter.
It is loading my ipxe.efi from server, initialising devices is OK. But it comes not further on "Waiting for link-up on net0......... Unknown (http:\\ipxe.org/1a086194).

Is this related due to missing card compability in ipxe for this WLANadpater ( is is a realy new model ) ?

My ipxe.efi is build with Embed script as follows :
set net0/ssid Networkname
set net0/key Networkpassword
chain http://Servername/efiboot.ipxe


RE: Wlan boot - NiKiZe - 2019-10-24 21:21

I assume that it is dhcp that fails,..
you of-course must set ssid and key first before running dhcp
also remember that only wep encryption is supported