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Boot into TrueNAS installer via iPXE - ccy - 2022-05-22 09:11

I have iPXE service setup in my network. It is working fine so far.

I download a VyOS ISO installer and the installer in my iPXE environment and this is the iPXE script:

set inst-dir http://install.example.com/vyos
kernel ${inst-dir}/live/vmlinuz initrd=initrd.magic boot=live nopersistence noautologin nonetworking fetch=${inst-dir}/live/filesystem.squashfs
initrd ${inst-dir}/live/initrd.img-5.10.116-amd64-vyos

The script is working and I can boot into the installer from iPXE.

Next, I try to do similar configuration on TrueNAS Scale ISO:

set inst-dir http://installer.example.com/truenas
kernel ${inst-dir}/vmlinuz initrd=initrd.magic boot=live fetch=${inst-dir}/live/filesystem.squashfs
initrd ${inst-dir}/initrd.img

But the script can't boot successfully. It show a message: No installation media found after fetching the filesystem.squashfs.

RE: Boot into TrueNAS installer via iPXE - NiKiZe - 2022-05-22 13:28

Please note that this forum is not active any more, use GitHub discussions instead. (Closing this)

You probably need to ask the dist on how to do the squashfs fetch, it might not be supported. And you might need to disect the init script and even modify them to get it working.