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Myricom 10ge EEPROM flash - darrin - 2012-12-11 22:01

Hi All,

Anyone have any tips for flashing a Myricom 10GE card? I made a EEPROM with an embedded script, and flashed it with the Myricom tool:

ze-upgrade -R src/bin/14c10008.rom ./myri-eeprom-1.4.55b.mcp2

The card starts up and gives me the option to configure with Ctrl-B. If I press that then my embedded ixpe script starts up and runs.

If I don't hit Ctrl-B, the card says it is running the automatic script, but just hangs.

Has anyone been able to make this work?


RE: Myricom 10ge EEPROM flash - robinsmidsrod - 2012-12-12 09:37

The first Ctrl-B is from the BIOS startup procedure (when it initializes the option ROM you just flashed) and should generally not be touched. There are no configurable options at that stage (I'm actually unaware why the prompt is there at all).

The second Ctrl-B you don't see because you have flashed an embedded script that (most likely) doesn't include a "prompt" command that can take you to the shell. To be able to see where it hangs I would suggest building with DEBUG=script (I think that is the right one) and possibly enabling syslog console (http://ipxe.org/console) to see some more things.

Most likely it is hanging because of some network issue. I would suggest flashing a plain ROM without an embedded script at first, so you can press Ctrl-B and check out how things work from the iPXE shell.

Just for the record, I personally have no experience with Myricom network cards (or 10Ge for that matter).