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Boot winpe with ipxe - balob - 2013-08-22 21:36


I try to set up a ipxe to boot winpe with http. I have followed the "How to boot windows pe with http" guide, but I still cant get it to work.

I start ipxe by tftp server and it works fine. Then I break break the dhcp loop with ctrl-b. I get an ip-address by typing dhcp. But then the problem start.

My boot script is on my web server and I try to type:
chain http://bootserver/boot.ipxe or
boot http://bootserver/boot.ipxe

But all i get is:
http://bootserver/boot.ipxe... ok

And then nothing happens. I have tested in a web browser that I can open my bootscript. I have also tried to type in every command in my bootscript manually in ipxe and then it works.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks.

RE: Boot winpe with ipxe - robinsmidsrod - 2013-08-23 13:42

Is your boot server actually called "bootserver"? If you do imgfetch http://bootserver/boot.ipxe followed by imgstat, does the boot.ipxe script come up as "script" or "pxe" type. If you've managed to not use a plain text file which starts with #!ipxe iPXE will not recognize it as a script, but as raw x86 assembly code.