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New iPXE user - ru60hz - 2013-11-30 13:44

Hello to everybody, I'm a new iPXE user.
So, I just wanted to share my first experience as a user.

I had been using PXE for quite sometimes, I use Tftpd32
on my Windows xp and tried booting some DOS, and Linux
images from it.

Lately I had a problem, I've got an old Pentium 3 using SMC
ethernet card which is not capable of PXE booting from the network.
I googled network booting and i found etherboot.org
I followed the instruction from there regarding the use of floppy disk
in booting from the network. But when I tried for the first time to boot from
my tftp server, it could not find a network connection.

So, I went back to google again and found iPXE. After reading the quick
start, I burned the ISO image then boot my computer. immidiately it
was detected and offered my boot menu. It was able to boot Tinycore Linux.

I'm happy about how fast iPXE solved my problem.
The next thing I wanted to do with this computer is to install
a minimal XP service pack 3

I would like to thank all the iPXE developers to bringing this very nice
program to the everybody.

RE: New iPXE user - robinsmidsrod - 2013-12-04 17:58

Thank you for all the praise. I would recommend you use Windows 7 instead of Windows XP SP3, as Win7 supports installing directly to iSCSI without a lot of hassle. You should also look at the http://ipxe.org/howto/winpe tutorial on how to install any Windows operating system with iPXE.