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iPXE UDP Use Case? - knoway - 2013-12-30 19:05

I have recently been using the iPXE software. Could any one help me with the following:

to add a message send option to/from iPXE over the network to another machine whose IP address is available. I have found that UDP has been used in DHCP, DNS, PXEBS, SYSLOGS, TFTP .... but could anyone guide me on how their implementation can be modified to use UDP to send/receive a message (a charachter buffer for example with acknowledgement from client).
I am not much familiar with these concepts.
There seems to be pattern like a monojob, a transfer control job, transfer data job in the above source files but how to use them for a simple data buffer transfer I do not know.


iPXE UDP message send/rx - knoway - 2013-12-31 07:39

I am new to PXE. I have found that UDP has been used in functions like start_dhcp, pxebs, syslogs, tftp ....

I want to write a code to use UDP for sending a charachter buffer send and recieve another from the client (which is also running a UDP program , for example a linux machine).

How can I use the code for this purpose. I do not know the APIs that can be used for this purpose. there are functions like ref_init, intf_init, monojob_wait.... which i am not well aware of.

I know that there is a function called udp_open, udp_tx and udp_rx...

Could you please help.


UDP API usecase - abhinandan - 2013-12-31 09:15

I am new to PXE. I am looking for some usecase of UDP functionalities, Right now i am checking DHCP functions, could please tell if there is simple example usage of UDP?

Thank you for your suggestion in advance.

RE: iPXE UDP message send/rx - robinsmidsrod - 2014-01-08 08:45

These are all typical developer questions. This forum is mostly focused on the end-user part of iPXE. I would suggest you ask the question on the mailing-list or hop on IRC and ask there. Contact details are here: http://ipxe.org/contact