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New here and have a question - raimon93 - 2014-09-18 19:47

Hello all,,

I just started learning IPXE and for now its goes well. Winpe booting.

Now a problem.

i found out that directly boot to a windows setup (iso unpacked) goes much faster and direclty go to the setup. (in winpe i need to wait untill my script uses; net use ect ect)

but i got an error if they wanna try install a notebook with it. somthing like place a CD/DvD rom with drivers

i cannot see any harddisk just got that error message

What can be the problem?

Kind regards,


RE: New here and have a question - robinsmidsrod - 2014-09-21 12:28

You need to follow the steps on http://ipxe.org/howto/winpe to load the Windows installer from a network share instead of the CD. If you press Shift-F10 when the installer is started you should be able to run "wpeinit" to init the network and use "net use w: \\host\share" to connect up the location where your windows setup.exe is located.

The reason you see this error is because WinPE knows nothing about the "virtual" CD you just booted from. Once the Windows kernel boots up that information is lost.