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RNDIS Support - asloma - 2015-10-13 15:25

I ran a full efi compile of the ipxe source and booted to the resulting executable in EFI. From the iPXE command line I was hoping to see via 'ifstat' that the RNDIS (lan-over-usb) device was detected by ipxe, but was disappointed to not see it. I would like to configure the MAC address for that device. The RNDIS device is provided by a Lenovo x3550M5 server. I see hints of RNDIS support in the source, am I compiling it incorrectly or would a device driver need to be written in ipxe to see it? Thanks!

RE: RNDIS Support - robinsmidsrod - 2016-10-07 08:58

I have no idea what a Lenovo x3550M5 server is. Please tell us more about your setup and which ipxe binary you're using in your EFI environment. Also please include error message and screenshots of your failing commands. AFAIK, the RNDIS support code is for the Microsoft Hyper-V vNIC.