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iPXE support for SUSE OS - Donofap - 2015-10-20 11:23

Hi There,

I have setup a iPXE server in which I am planning to install all linux flavors. I have automated the installation process using kickstart files for linux. When it comes to SUSE i am not able to find out how to provide the kickstart file.

I have tried the below formats ipxe script.

chain initrd=initrd ks= network ksdevice=${netX/mac}

However it is not detecting the kickstart file. I have tried replacing the ks with autoyast but no luck. Please let me know if anyone having the working syntax for providing kickstart in through iPXE script.

Thank you,

RE: iPXE support for SUSE OS - robinsmidsrod - 2016-10-07 08:40

You chain arguments look correct. This should work. If it does not, I think you need to review what kernel cmdline parameters your SUSE install initrd supports. Check their documentation. At best you can dump to a shell during install and type "cat /proc/cmdline" to ensure your ipxe script expanded your variables in the way you expected. You might need ${netX/mac:hexhyp} depending on how the ksdevice= entry expects the MAC to be formatted.