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detect legacy/uefi - silver310 - 2015-11-08 09:57

Hi, I've been successful in building snponly.efi and undionly.kpxe, and be able to boot them from a locally created DHCP server.
Now i want to implament this in our lab, but the DHCP team tells me they don't know how to configure the DHCP server to handle two PXE boot files (i've even send them a linux conf file and windows server 2012 guide on how to setup this), so now can only boot to 1 file.
Is it possible to somehow detect what arch the PC is booting with (EFI or Legacy bios), and then hand them the correct file?
I know i can use "iseq ${platform} efi", but i tried booting a legacy pc with undionly.efi and an EFI pc with undionly.kpxe and theu both just hang.
So is this even possible? or do i have to set this up at the DHCP server?

Also i'm having a hard time finding good documentation about iPXE build options and scripting docs, the examples at the site are minimal and don't really help.

RE: detect legacy/uefi - NiKiZe - 2015-11-21 20:56

The boot client sends arch with the dhcp request, the server then must respond with the filename for the bootimage that matches the arch.
So this is only possible to do on/by the DHCP server.

Which kind of docs are you missing?
If you join #ipxe on irc.freenode.net we can guide you thru any issues you might have.

RE: detect legacy/uefi - silver310 - 2015-11-22 07:48

Thanks I've found a way around the DHCP server, using a proxy DHCP locally (we can't configure the main DHCP our-self).

As for the docs, I've been reading the site and the help/docs there are really minimal and don't help me.
How do i know what build options there are? what kind of build can i make, additional information about certain command, i.e: i know I can check a NICs mac address and ip, but can i check if it has a cable connected?
I've real all the help pages in the ipxe.org site and i really feel like that's just 10% of the information i need to really understand how to properly use iPXE.