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Error 0x420c6095 on default - duca - 2016-04-01 10:42


We have created a iPXE script that looks like this:

goto start

menu iPXE boot menu
item --gap -- ------------- Operating systems ------------------------------
item vmlcus Boot Vmware Esxi 6 installer
item --gap -- -------------- Advanced options -------------------------------
item config Configure settings
item shell Drop to iPXE shell
item reboot Reboot computer
item --gap -- -------------------------------------------------------------------
item exit Exit iPXE and continue BIOS boot
choose --default vmlcus --timeout 5000 target && goto ${target}

chain http://myserver.domain.com/esxi/mboot.efi ks=${testfile}

The thing is that if we manually select the "vmlcus" menu item (by hitting enter) it works, but if we let the menu time out (and it select default) we get this error:
http://myserver.domain.com/esxi/mboot.efi... Error 0x420c6095 (http://ipxe.org/420c6095)
Could not boot image: Error 0x420c6095 (http://ipxe.org/420c6095)

Why will the server boot if we select the menu item manually but not if the menu item is selected by the timeout?