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iPXE -- Windows 10 installation (fail) - Andromeda_x - 2016-12-04 00:00


finally I was able to achive workable configuration for

PXE -> iPXE -> undionly.kpxe -> iSCSI

I attempted to install Windows 10 (1607) on sanhooked iSCSI drive which did fail.

Progress of the installation:
1. use boot.ipxe file (see bellow)
2. use net i: \\server\directory to map installation media
3. i:
4. cd win10/amd64
5. setup
6. since this point you follow normal installation
7. after instllation applies updates it gives warrning that an error prevents continuation of the installation

NOTE: I did not try to boot from iSCSI driver after the error but I believe that boot manager was not installed.

Is anybody attempted to install Windows 10 in similar setup? How far was you able to get through the installation?

iPXE boot.ipxe script


set username [your iSCSI username]
set password [your iSCSI password]

set initiator-iqn iqn.2010-11.org.ipxe.dolphin:client1

sanhook iscsi:

cpuid --ext 29 && set arch amd64 || set arch x86
kernel wimboot
initrd ${arch}/media/Boot/BCD           BCD
initrd ${arch}/media/Boot/boot.sdi      boot.sdi
initrd ${arch}/media/sources/boot.wim   boot.wim

A quick look on the internet gives a lead to other option:

prepare iSCSI disk from working Windows machine by "preinstalling installation files" on iSCSI disk. I did not investigate this option yet.

Andromeda X

RE: iPXE -- Windows 10 installation (fail) - NiKiZe - 2016-12-04 00:06

There is several threads about windows 10 iSCSI and the issues already.
A very extensive one at http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=7796

RE: iPXE -- Windows 10 installation (fail) - Andromeda_x - 2016-12-04 00:12

Hi NiKiZe,

Ok, I am already reading the thread you refer me to.

Thank you for a lead.

Andromeda X