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iPXE with Serva? - TheHeroBilly - 2017-02-09 01:50

I am new to PXE booting, and unfortunately the duty falls to me to set up this mess, so I decided to use Serva (https://www.vercot.com/~serva/) Which has worked beautifully. Until now, we are going to be opening a new service, PXE booting via Embedded USB, but before we start that I need to be able to use iPXE to boot from Serva, I have ABSOLUTELY not idea how to do that, so I've decided to post here, maybe you can help, I can provide any info you guys need, (Except IP's for Security reasons.)

Thanks so much, Billy.

RE: iPXE with Serva? - d4vr0s - 2017-02-09 13:47

Assuming you're running Serva 3.0
This works for me, opening a shell.
I put the ipxe folder inside the serva3\bm\pxeserva\bios\ folder and this in the menu.def:

label ipxe
menu label ^ 22) iPXE
kernel ipxe/ipxe.lkrn
append shell

It should get you started.