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Information Thread: Discussions has been moved to GitHub
Post: Discussions has been moved to GitHub

New user registrations has been removed in this forum, as we've moved over to using GitHub Discussions. If you have something you'd like to discuss, questions to ask or other things to share regardin...
robinsmidsrod General 0 7,246 2020-12-09, 13:16
  Thread: Authentication via iPXE when using boot, chain, kernel, initrd etc.
Post: RE: Authentication via iPXE when using boot, chain...

I can see the benefit to adding something similar to the curl -H parameter (add arbitrary HTTP header) to the chain command, but unsure how complicated it would be. That would allow all sorts of diffe...
robinsmidsrod General 7 10,521 2019-08-22, 08:15
  Thread: Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter (EXPI9301CTBLK)
Post: RE: Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter (EXPI9301CTBL...

Usually, a bad flash doesn't render a NIC impossible to reflash. It is unusable for network booting, but it most likely works in an operating system, unless the flashed firmware contains some informat...
robinsmidsrod General 1 9,692 2018-05-04, 07:48
  Thread: python & ipxe - syntax errors
Post: RE: python & ipxe - syntax errors

As a rule of thumb I always suggest trying out the URL you're trying to get working in iPXE in a web browser. That usually helps you to figure out exactly what is going on and why things are not worki...
robinsmidsrod General 4 13,322 2018-01-05, 11:45
  Thread: Menu login with encrypted password
Post: RE: Menu login with encrypted password

I don't recall if the hash functions have been extended to allow storing into a variable or not. Carefully check the git commit log for details or ask on IRC. If they have been extended to support thi...
robinsmidsrod General 3 11,240 2017-11-14, 10:09
  Thread: LTSP, iPXE using http?
Post: RE: LTSP, iPXE using http?

Yes, it should be possible, but you might need to set up your own hosting system to get it working.
robinsmidsrod General 1 6,306 2017-09-19, 11:09
  Thread: How to donate?
Post: RE: How to donate?

Send an email to the lead developer mentioned on the page and see how it goes.
robinsmidsrod General 1 5,832 2017-09-19, 11:07
  Thread: WiFi connection problem
Post: RE: WiFi connection problem

Yep, building with the appropriate DEBUG=filename,filename for the problematic .c files should yield some more insight.
robinsmidsrod General 1 6,861 2017-09-19, 11:06
  Thread: How to use certificate?
Post: RE: How to use certificate?

Try to build with DEBUG=tls,x509,validator and see if it gives you any more insight.
robinsmidsrod General 2 14,402 2017-09-19, 11:03
  Thread: a funny thing happened in the migration process
Post: RE: a funny thing happened in the migration proces...

If you actually add an error screenshot or something like that you might be able to get more help. Also, your message was written in a quite hard to understand manner. Maybe try to rephrase it with st...
robinsmidsrod General 1 5,302 2017-09-19, 11:00
  Thread: aQuantia - new platform candidate for iPXE codebase
Post: RE: aQuantia - new platform candidate for iPXE cod...

If the datasheets for this hardware are available without having to sign an NDA or pay for, then your chances for getting it implemented are much higher. If you want to speed it up you might want to g...
robinsmidsrod General 4 18,320 2017-07-03, 12:10
  Thread: Hide/supress/obscure URL when "chaining" to another page (PHP)
Post: RE: Hide/supress/obscure URL when "chaining" to an...

You can't hide the URL without making code changes like thomil mentioned, but you can make it look nicer if you use HTTP POST support included in iPXE.
robinsmidsrod General 8 29,561 2017-06-27, 10:07
  Thread: How do I chain through VPN?
Post: RE: How do I chain through VPN?

iPXE has no specific support for VPN protocols. If you need to connect through a VPN, you need to set up the VPN connection in the router/gateway for the network where your iPXE clients live. Your iPX...
robinsmidsrod General 1 7,813 2017-06-27, 10:05
  Thread: Dell latitude E7480
Post: RE: Dell latitude E7480

I am not familiar enough with, but are you sure that it supports UEFI properly? If it doesn't, then maybe you need to boot the Dell laptop in legacy/CSM/BIOS mode to use If y...
robinsmidsrod General 1 7,682 2017-04-25, 08:57
  Thread: Installation of Win7 to iSCSI target on Skull Canyon NUC problem
Post: RE: Installation of Win7 to iSCSI target on Skull ...

digitalis99: I think this means that wimboot is unable to find bootmgr.exe inside the boot.wim you provided. If you can unpack it and provide it explicitly. Alternatively, your boot.wim might have a n...
robinsmidsrod General 5 15,612 2017-04-24, 08:42
  Thread: boot from a large iso file
Post: RE: boot from a large iso file

Normally, you can't access the contents of an ISO after the kernel has booted. You'll need to tell the kernel how to access the files it needs from a network resource. Here it seems like the ISO is g...
robinsmidsrod General 8 33,792 2017-04-19, 08:12
  Thread: iPXE Not Making Requests to Port 4011
Post: RE: iPXE Not Making Requests to Port 4011

cjs: I wonder if the iPXE version you use to start KVM/QEMU with has had ProxyDHCP disabled with a compilation config switch. Either that or the dnsmasq server running on port 67 is somehow telling iP...
robinsmidsrod General 8 25,261 2017-02-06, 09:55
  Thread: http authentication bug after daa8 commit?
Post: RE: http authentication bug after daa8 commit?

There was a patch recently that made it possible to disable the Tivoli workaround with a configuration change. You might want to try it with the Tivoli workaround disabled.
robinsmidsrod General 5 12,980 2017-01-02, 11:48
  Thread: iPXE -- Windows 8.1 installation (fail)
Post: RE: iPXE -- Windows 8.1 installation (fail)

I seem to recall that this "updates" stage is where it needs the network and it is not operational. I recall that the Windows 10 RTM release had the same issue, but Windows 10 r1609 (anniversary updat...
robinsmidsrod General 1 5,916 2016-12-12, 10:37
  Thread: pciscan not working in ipxe.efi
Post: RE: pciscan not working in ipxe.efi

It is quite possible that the pciscan command is not properly implemented in EFI mode yet. If you do the workaround, do you actually receive proper information that matches the hardware setup of that...
robinsmidsrod General 3 9,139 2016-12-12, 10:31