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  Thread: UEFI and iSCSI boot
Post: UEFI and iSCSI boot

Hi iPXE team, firstly I want to thank you for all your contribution to the community. I got the latest code and made a UEFI image ipxe.efi, and I chain boot into this image and in the shell I was try...
Ying General 2 12,537 2016-03-30, 05:05
  Thread: How to boot with iscsi in UEFI env?
Post: RE: How to boot with iscsi in UEFI env?

I tried to chainload an iSCSI target from snponly.efi , it reports error on I did some research on the latest source code, it seems the iSCSI is still not supported, am I r...
Ying General 36 138,181 2015-03-24, 09:24