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  Thread: About WebAPI, JSON
Post: RE: About WebAPI, JSON

(2017-09-26 06:43)NiKiZe Wrote:  What kind of API, why, and what would it be used for? WebAPI can use in iPXE script to get some data from web api server. for example, the command "webapi" is ...
BloodFox General 4 12,825 2017-09-26, 08:22
Smile Thread: About WebAPI, JSON
Post: About WebAPI, JSON

Hi guys, Can you consider increasing support for the WEB API and JSON? iPXE is a great tool, if you can support WEBAPI, its ability will be greatly enhanced. Thank you for bringing so easy to use too...
BloodFox General 4 12,825 2017-09-26, 03:36
  Thread: Report a bug
Post: RE: Report a bug

(2014-04-18 13:21)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  Looking at it seems like this issue is related to the TFTP server not accepting the command, which I'm asusming is because the ...
BloodFox General 6 23,241 2014-04-19, 01:52
  Thread: [SOLVED] RE: iPXE & WDS [Prestaged: false]
Post: RE: iPXE & WDS [Prestaged: false]

(2014-03-24 12:59)KingBonecrusher Wrote:  I have only WDS, no SCCM. I have applied the patches to the bcd files. I have used your code... Code: dhcp set 252:string \Boot\BCD imgexec tf...
BloodFox General 15 52,970 2014-03-29, 02:57
Bug Thread: Report a bug
Post: Report a bug

I am trying to boot from iPXE to WDS, but i got a bug: when i use this command to get [undefined=undefined]boot tftp://\x86\[/undefined] they tell me "Error 0x3d126...
BloodFox General 6 23,241 2014-03-27, 09:36