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  Thread: problems building vbox rom
Post: RE: problems building vbox rom

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I added the relevant lines to general.h in the vbox dir, after it didn't work the first time, but I'll check that I did it the right way from that link you sent. Regarding ...
iucounu9 General 2 8,736 2017-03-03, 15:17
  Thread: problems building vbox rom
Post: problems building vbox rom

Hi, I'm trying to rebuild a VirtualBox PXE ROM to include ELF, bzImage and a few other protocols as I am getting an exec format error. So I uncommented these in config/general.h and then ran the buil...
iucounu9 General 2 8,736 2017-03-02, 20:33
  Thread: undionly and oracle's virtualbox
Post: RE: undionly and oracle's virtualbox

Thanks hugely for this, it resolved an (albeit different) issue for me. I was facing a strange problem whereby pxeboots would fail, due to tftp timeouts, with VirtualBox, and some desktop-class machi...
iucounu9 General 9 34,193 2017-03-02, 14:15
  Thread: how to do host lookups
Post: how to do host lookups

Hi, I am using a particular open source virtualisation platform, which has ipxe as the PXE implementation. In our kickstart menu (which is php), we need to do a hostname lookup to choose the appropri...
iucounu9 General 1 6,159 2016-06-01, 14:50
  Thread: nslookup: command not found
Post: RE: nslookup: command not found

Thanks Michael. However, I'm not sure I'm in a position to alter the code this is part of (oVirt). I can modify it for my own personal use, but I'll have to get the mod included upstream. I'm going to...
iucounu9 General 2 10,807 2016-06-01, 14:21
  Thread: nslookup: command not found
Post: nslookup: command not found

Hi, When trying to PXE boot a (Windows 7) guest on an oVirt host, I get: 'nslookup: command not found Could not boot image: Exec format error (' The Windows entry works fin...
iucounu9 General 2 10,807 2016-05-05, 16:43