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  Thread: Load wds from ipxe
Post: RE: Load wds from ipxe

Hi and thanks for the response, I went with primarily using ipxe, after all I'm not using any features from pxelinux other than loading a menu. Another question would be how do I set a background pic...
dot1y General 3 10,687 2016-02-24, 17:15
  Thread: Load wds from ipxe
Post: Load wds from ipxe

Hello guys, I have upgraded my setup to Windows Server 2012 R2. I have WDS role installed, over it pxelinux and from pxelinux I load ipxe. I Have an entry in the ipxe menu called Back which loads pxe...
dot1y General 3 10,687 2016-02-17, 18:00
  Thread: HTTP ISO boot fails when iSCSI target sanhooked, works otherwise
Post: RE: HTTP ISO boot fails when iSCSI target sanhooke...

You can try and boot Ubuntu installer another way. I use initrd http://serverip:8080/ubuntu1404/casper/initrd.lz chain http://serverip:8080/ubuntu1404/casper/vmlinuz.efi boot=casper netboot=nfs nfsro...
dot1y General 3 15,353 2014-09-11, 09:12
  Thread: HBCD
Post: RE: HBCD

One more question: Is LDAP authentication possible with ipxe ? And yet another one... When I load HBCD from ipxe menu, I use the grub way (grldr plus *.lst files). I want to make an entry in my .lst f...
dot1y General 4 14,769 2014-09-10, 15:12
  Thread: HBCD
Post: RE: HBCD

Hi robinsmidsrod and thanks for the reply, I've mingled with every tool and tried either loading it as an image or decompressing it and use the kernel/initrd method and now most of them are working. ...
dot1y General 4 14,769 2014-09-10, 09:50
  Thread: Booting Pmagic iso
Post: RE: Booting Pmagic iso

Hello, I use the following code initrd http://serverip/pmagic_pxe_2014_06_10/pmagic/initrd.img initrd http://serverip/pmagic_pxe_2014_06_10/pmagic/files.cgz chain http://serverip/pmagic_pxe_2014_0...
dot1y General 5 19,943 2014-09-10, 09:40
  Thread: HBCD
Post: RE: HBCD

Ok, so far the solution I chose is loading HBCD from a Microsoft iscsi target. My ipxe menu config section for this is dhcp set keep-san 1 sanhook --no-describe --drive 0x80 iscsi:pxeserverip::::iq...
dot1y General 4 14,769 2014-08-19, 23:08
  Thread: HBCD
Post: HBCD

Hello, I'm trying to boot HBCD 15.2 restored version. What's the best way of doing this: HTTP, NFS, iscsi ? I should mention that I'm using a Frankenstein like configuration: the initial server was ...
dot1y General 4 14,769 2014-08-14, 11:23
  Thread: Boot iso from iscsi
Post: Boot iso from iscsi

Hello, First of all I'd like to thank the developers for this great tool, it helped me a lot, so keep up the good work ! Now, for the dilemma: I'd like to boot an iso file from an iscsi target. I'm u...
dot1y General 1 10,958 2014-08-05, 17:17