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  Thread: EFI + IPXE woes
Post: RE: EFI + IPXE woes

Hello, thanks for the reply. After further tinkering the issue was resolved, the prebuilt ipxe.efi that came from my linux distro (gentoo) repository was old or otherwise buggy and caused things to f...
StormTiberius General 2 3,896 2020-05-14, 08:09
  Thread: EFI + IPXE woes
Post: EFI + IPXE woes

Hello, i am relatively new to network booting and such but i have made some progress. My main problem is that i am unable to boot ipxe without CSM module aka in EFI mode. There appears to be no way ...
StormTiberius General 2 3,896 2020-05-10, 23:22