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  Thread: wimboot, I'm stumped
Post: RE: OK, it's ugly, but you can debug it line by li...

(2014-01-19 03:41)MultimediaMan Wrote:  Recommendations: 1) Recreate the file in gEdit or another POSIX-compatible editor. 2) Don't use leading tabs or spaces 3) Do make sure any trailing spac...
mecasull General 5 17,163 2014-01-19, 03:50
  Thread: wimboot, I'm stumped
Post: RE: wimboot, I'm stumped

So, I created an ipxe file kon my local server that mimiced the demo file on That file loaded successfully, leading me to believe my file that starts wimboot is botched, or the wimboot fil...
mecasull General 5 17,163 2014-01-18, 20:46
  Thread: wimboot, I'm stumped
Post: wimboot, I'm stumped

Im hoping i'm missing something particularly trivial here, I cant find the disconnect. I didnt want to install iPXE directly on my networking card, so i settled on chainloading. I have my TFTP serv...
mecasull General 5 17,163 2014-01-12, 02:46