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  Thread: Date Time
Post: Date Time

Hello, Is there anyway I can set the system date and time via script in IPXE? I can get the correct time via NTP which ipxe will then use. But I really need to use this to then set the date time of ...
brownjl General 1 11,073 2018-08-15, 14:34
  Thread: Graphics Corruption
Post: RE: Graphics Corruption

Thanks. I'm essentially trying to trigger an unattended netboot of a machine remotely from an existing hard drive based install of linux over ssh. So my plan was to use ssh to ipxe to the grub menu,...
brownjl General 2 8,535 2017-09-29, 21:44
  Thread: Graphics Corruption
Post: Graphics Corruption

Hello, I am using ipxe to install windows/linux in undergrad student labs. When installing through ipxe (undionly.kpxe) via netboot this all works as expected. A console menu is served with image bac...
brownjl General 2 8,535 2017-09-26, 09:55