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  Thread: iPXE booting a preloaded pxelinux.0
Post: RE: iPXE booting a preloaded pxelinux.0

why not get rid of pxelinux.0 and just have your ipxe script like this: kernel http://${next-server}/UpdateFirmware/img2a vga=0x317 root=/dev/ram0 rw ramdisk_size=100000 tftp_server= ...
idunnowhattocallthisusername General 4 20,105 2014-05-11, 22:02
Question Thread: AoE boot not working
Post: AoE boot not working

I have a server running windows XP and I want to make a diskless server. I am also using XP as the diskless OS. I have vblade and tiny pxe server running. I have the boot filename set to undionly.kpxe...
idunnowhattocallthisusername General 3 12,147 2014-05-11, 21:52
  Thread: "No more networks devices"
Post: RE: "No more networks devices"

If you burn the iso, you either have to edit it or set up a regular PXE server but the filename will be the script you want. You can't boot over the network without a server.
idunnowhattocallthisusername General 2 15,379 2014-05-11, 21:33